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“We need to replace the vicious stress cycle with a vicious cycle of self-care.”

Sara Gottfried

Ros’ 2021 Must Haves

Hi my loves. 2021 is a year of greatness. I am wasting no time with this one. I am excited because I am loving having this already and want to show you how this works every time. Take a look below at my choices for this year and I know I’m going to get even … Continue reading Ros’ 2021 Must Haves

Get Yours in 2021

One thing I believe in is believing. Call it manifesting, call it faith, call it whatever you want, it is all the same. I believe in knowing what you want and it happens. God has shown me so many times in life that if you believe just like He said he will bless you. This … Continue reading Get Yours in 2021

Who Did It Best ? ❤

Are you the type who gives love year round or do you do the most on Valentines day? One thing we sure did have fun wathcing everyone share love (the most important thing in life). Some were so fun and we hope like Carey from #Baddietwins said dont have a new man up there every … Continue reading Who Did It Best ? ❤