Born This Way

If you know Jackie Jackie JackieJackieJackieJackieJackieJackieJackieJackieJackieJackieJackieJackieeeeeeeeee. Ok I had to do it.

If you know Jackie you know what time it is. REALNESS. Jackie makes sure she puts the real out there on all makeup especially for the lovely chocolate girls.

Beauty brands beware. Do it right or she’s coming for you and she will not spare words.

Since the release of Rihanna’s foundation line some brands have been shaking in their boots and some just don’t give a rats ass to give prospective clients the option to wear their foundations. (No names mentioned. You know who you are). Maybe they make enough profits on the lighter skin shades and they are content with that.  To the other labels that can make it possible please do cause we need some options too and are grateful. Jeffree Star I heard your comment about your line coming up. Looking forward to it.

To support and purchase this foundation you can click here.

She had them add an additional 9 shades which is currently available from and Anywhere outside the US is available in stores worldwide in August 2018.

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