Best Summer Foundation 2018 – BECCA Ultimate Coverage 24-Hour Foundation

BECCA Cosmetics has done some serious voodoo on this one. For summer 2018 this foundation is one that will withstand all your plans and outings and I’m sure you don’t plan on staying in doors.

I was on YouTube and NikkieTutuorials video caught my attention. What amazed me was the name of her vlog. Who wears makeup for 24 hours straight intentionally? That is crazy. I love my skin so if she is going to do it to hers then thanks. I don’t have to do it myself. Love you for doing that Nikkie. From what I saw, I cannot wait to try out this foundation. From what I saw Nikkie do this has some kinda voodoo in there. Check out her video below.

For all my ladies of color out there you will be verryyy happy to know there are more than enough shades for us to choose from. BECCA ensured they made most shades available cause we ladies of color are not having it lately.

NikkieTutorials tested the heck out of this foundation in the heat, in water in everything for 24 hours straight. She did not sleep.

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