Good & Bad? Beauty Blender Bounce Liquid Whip Foundation

The makers of Beauty Blender (BB) went from 2 to 3 B’s with the release of their foundation on the market Yesterday June 24.

The promotional packaging is sickening. Getting this on your doorstep would just make you happy for 7 days straight, seeing that huge pink egg, filled with the 35 shades, which is the full shade range offered so far.

I lovvvvve the beauty blender. It is probably my favorite way to apply my foundation… no I think I love brushes more but there are some foundations the beauty blender applies it perfectly. The formula is beautifully amazing. The velvety texture smoothly melts into your skin leaving it looking seamless and buttery. There can be no complaints unless you probably got a bad batch of product which I hope never happens. Application wise there is nothing to say. Zip it.

BUT… the shades. Deep breath for the melanin ladies. I don’t think I need to get into it much but I will, just a tad bit. The lighter shades are provided in an EXTREMELY FULL range. Some of the shades are so close that you can’t really tell the difference. So Beauty Blender catered to the lighter shades first. OK, not a problem.   Maybe there is obviously a much larger market to get the coin from in those ranges immediately. I am giving “those companies” the benefit of the doubt because i don’t know the circumstances they are dealing with momentarily.

All I’m going to say is Ms. Rea Ann, I’m looking forward to some of the darker shades cause the formula is beautiful, point blank but hook the sisters up too.

I’m done.

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