Summer Skin Care-ss

Its summer. Its beautiful outside. BUT IT IS HOTTTTT so our skin needs that intentional care to make sure that we makeup lovers have a good canvas to work on.

It is important that we enjoy the warmth and nature, get out and breathe in some clean fresh air (wherever possible) and just have fun. But make sure you protect your skin. I will not go into the details of how the weather and elements we are exposed to damages our skin. What we should focus on is how we can prevent it from happening. We age every second so don’t let other effects such as the sun, dehydration, toxins, pollution of the air and the environment, etc damage our skin even further.

There are not enough words to say how important it is to continually HYDRATE, CLEANSE, and PROTECT our skin, in that order. (yes Momma D). Hydration keeps our skin looking plump and moisturized. There are many products on the market that will assist with hydration of the skin. It is good a good moisturizer that suits your skin every morning and evening.

Cleansing removes the buildup of oils, makeup and dirt that our skin is subject to daily. Always begin your day to apply makeup to fresh skin and at the end to remove all products and dirt built up on the skin.

Protection helps but cannot perfectly guard against the elements. SPF is only one form of protection from the sun. We should also protect our skin my treating against pollution we come into contact with unintentionally.

There are so many natural and organic things we do not make use of and in the long run gives us the most benefit. Its just me, I love products that include pure and unprocessed  ingredients into the products. The company Organic to Green has Award winning coconut oil beauty products: organic, FREE of parabens, petrolatum, artificial colors or phthalates and different lines using coconut oil and coconut water for protection, hydration cleansing.  They also carry a line of scrubs and masks to cleanse and treat the skin. Free Shipping For Orders Over $50. Sign Up For Newsletter And Get 10% Off First Order.“>For free shipping and 10% off click here.

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