walk down the isle with mrs. west

Its June. The air is warming up and all brides are about to walk down the isles fierce, flawless and fabulous into their new roles as Mrs so and so…

On a brides wedding day she wants to look like a glowing goddess far above everyone in the world and feel like a queen. The Mrs. West Collection brings in and ties together every single shade for the entire face to pull together the soft but strong look for a timeless bride.

Mrs. West Collection has the mauvy, shiny, taupy, and light shades that compliments most skin tones if not all for the perfect bridal look. If that is what you are looking for then this collection is a must.

The collection dropped on May 24, 2019 for her 5 year wedding anniversary( nice way to celebrate by the way). It contains a shadow palette, a blush, highlight, a lip liner, lipstick and lip-gloss. The shades are neutral to mauvy and won’t over exaggerate your features but instead will soften where needed and give depth in others.

To date the collection is still sold out so if you want it you need to put yourself on a notification list for when it is restocked.

Check out this video by youtuber Tyme the Infamous making full use of this collection by Mrs. West.

All the best!

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