Corona Virus – Coping and Withdraw Advisory for Beauty Lovers

Are you a social butterfly who has been looking forward to the break of spring to switch up your wardrobe? You are stuck indoors because your job has you working from home? Are you one of those who has been looking forward to putting together a narrative piece that just proclaims your feelings through Fendi, Oscar or Chanel dripppp… Well guess what?

We can NOTTT afford to get sick or our loved ones sick so we have no choice but to enjoy our beauty all by our selves. We cannot be put on a list to be chosen who gets what medical attention and who dies (If you have a loved one with underlying issues that is) . People have been taking this too lightly and the situation is getting worse than it should ever be because some of us out here dont care.

  1. WASH YO DAMN HANDS... Constantly. Whenever you have to go out to do something, you touch something, anything. Just wash your hands for at least 20 seconds just in case you picked up the virus it will go down the drain instead of you nose or mouth.
  2. Use sanitizer and rub minimum 20 seconds if you cannot wash your hands.
  3. Stop fighting for poop paper when you go to restock. People this is shameful. There’s enough for everyone if we just share. I mean look at this crap. Its not a cure to COVID19. Share love and positivity instead of being selfish. This is the time we need to be the loving people we should be. To those out there caring for others and helping out, much love to you. Thank you and keep sharing. You are incredibly blessed so keep blessing.
  4. Beautify Yourself. Distract yourself. Use social media more frequently. Now you have more time than ever to finally use that eye shadow palette from #saweetie that you got from Sephora and haven’t touched. Oh and that blush too and that blinding highlight from #JeffreeStar Cosmetics you ordered and finally the #colorpop lippies. And you know the list goes on and on.
  5. Meditate and Pray. You are finally in your own space where you can freely relax to cleanse and calm you spirit. You have been going and going for ages and don’t know how to stop. You have no choice now. Get to know yourself and enjoy being you. Spend time just enjoying each moment, family, loved ones. This is the time to regain your sanity not lose it fighting for tp. lol I had to bring it back up. Im petty.
  6. Love you again. Exercise, Stretch and love the body you are in. Assist your body in fighting any ailment by getting some sunlight and extra oxygen in. Just do it at home or if you go out keep 6 feet away from everyone.
  7. Build your immune system. Take your vitamins, eat your garlic and ginger and onions, etc. Fresh fruits and veges are a must. If your immune system is low you cannot fight this virus as you need to. IT will keep attacking you.
  8. Last and most of all stay happy. Negativity is the route of all sickness. Chase the devil and smile. Laugh and be merry. Doll up with your favorite outfit, do your hair and makeup, make a salad, take some selfies, be silly, post on social media and let us smile at your antics too.

Check out this page for more ideas on being fabulous at home in your closet. Monroe Steele is quirky and fabulous. Check out her channel for fun pieces to pick up your spirit. Love her.

Be safe guys. Cheers to health.

Love Ros.

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