Adored Mother

Dear Mom

This is for all the times I should have given you a hug or sat and had a conversation with you. Or those times I made you really upset by the decisions I made. Hahaha. Like that one time I brought home Nicky. You saw from day one the type of person he was. Or remember that time I decided it was best to purchase those red pair of boots that costed $1800.00. Look what happened the first time I wore it. Broke my ankle and couldn’t walk for days.

Your Mom is a golden Goddess. Since she is stuck at home or maybe still working hard, get her this Ahava 24K Mineral Gold Mud Mask for effortless looking flawless glowing skin.

Guess what I am trying to say here mom is I love you. I appreciate and adore how much you always stick there with me. I have never gotten bad advice. I just needed to be there more and take my time to understand.

Thanks mom. I love you.

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