Being in quarantine is wonderful for some but for others like myself we have to make staying at home verryyyyy creative.

Take time to do introspection, to refocus and to have a clear standing of your life and where it may be heading. Start each day in a positive mood with God and set a purpose every single day or else you will be consumed by negativity. Plan your time with God. He adds blessings on it that make life amazing despite things around that may affect it.

Most of us really needed this time away from the world. But for some, staying at home has really done a number on us. Hands up if YouTube binging has sped up time of our day.

To the makeup junkies like myself, one type of content has had me hooked. It has even had me doing the same. (Blocks face) Yes. I even did a declutter on my collection. But my collection fades in comparison to these YouTube influencers. Some of the videos leaves me drooling like a dog staring at a juicy steak.

Yes. It definitely is their job to review and produce videos on the products so it is understandable why they have so much. But when you see The Humongous volume of products all together it blows you away.

The first video that got my binge watching started was from Paige Koren. Her collection is so exorbitant there is no way she can review and probably reuse her favorites in 3 months in addition to the new products coming in weekly. PaigeKoren led me to the badura twins and oh my …… madness. Just madness…….

There are videos where YouTubers are selling their products on hand. Why sell what you got for free? But what can I say… it’s yours to do as you please. Some would claim to declutter but let go 1%, barely.

There are those who decluttered over a 3 and 4 day period and a month later are decluttering all over again.

To those who donate to women’s shelters, subscribers, friends, family and other Mua’s power to you. Your blessings will multiply 10 fold. This post is dedicated to you for being so generous and giving of thousands of dollars worth of products and empowering women to be more beautiful everywhere not just from your donation but your content.

Personally I need to say thanks to all beauty influencers for bringing sanity to my crazy days at home. For putting yourself out there and showing your personal space and lifestyle in addition to reviewing products. Your twist on life makes it spicy.

What have you as a makeup junkie been binging on? Drop a comment below.

Remember beauty lasts forever.

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