Loosing you. Loving Me

It is time to get right with myself and to do that I have to lose you.

It is time to love me truly, deeply, genuinely. I do not mean the physical me only but the inner me that results in everything you get.

I have lost the me that is a result of being bombarded by the entire world. Pandemics, explosions, hatred, racism, rape, mass murders, sex … all of the negativity. The noise of being told what to be and when to be it. I have lost that method of functioning. I have lost responding to a world of confusion. It only makes you numb to who you should be, from your soul purpose.

Lets wake up and stay awake in our spirit. Lets stay on a journey to the end, in touch with the inner us that makes us happy and fulfilled. There is true power in it. There is so much we can do and will do.

I am making me happy.

I am loving me.

I am worshiping the true ONE who cleanses, satisfies and restores. The one who makes all things new and perfect.

I am being blessed, I am prosperity. I am me.

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