I’ve been in the house. Where you been?

Your skin looks like a goddess’. Your face is so unimaginably flawless that you can head out with no makeup but you choose not to so you add a little and guess what? Your makeup is freaking amazing.

All this just makes them wonder. Where the hell have you been for all those weeks???

OleHenriksen Power Peel Transforming Facial System will polish, peel and soothe your skin in 6 treatments. OleHenriksen says ” it is an at-home professional-strength AHA peel and microdermabrasion system in easy-to-use, prepackaged doses.”

We are constantly encouraged to moisturize, cleanse and tone our skin with is definitely needed but most of the time we have a build up of products clogging our pores that needs to be purged to show our baby skin all over again.

With the free time on your hands you need to get your skin clean clear and ready to face the world again.

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