Too Faced is 2 Faced

It is on my agenda to get the other face of Too Faced, Born This Way Matte Foundation in my hands.

Born This Way now has a MATTE foundation!!! Thank you makeup God because I am an oily-ish girl and in need of everything matte and longwear. If you are like me you get it. If not then you are the other face of Too Faced.

It is not just long wear, its is SUPER longwear. And on top of all that is says undetectable. Ask me what that means? I guess that is why they say it MASTERFULLY diffuses lines between the makeup and the skin so it actually looks like flawless skin no body should be able to detect. This is a lot to handle. I just want it already.

Too Faced says the Born This Way Matte Foundation is oil free, waterproof and life proof which lasts for a full 24 hours? Really???

I need this face drug in my life now.

God bless your soul

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