True Luxury

What is Luxury?

Is it something that is expensive or is it a style? A mindset perhaps?

Most persons think luxury has a name attached to it. Some think if its not a certain group of names from certain stores it is not luxury at all.

Oxford Dictionary defines luxury as “the state of great comfort and extravagant living.” So according to Oxford dictionary does it mean its a state of being? So that means its a mindset that creates the level in your lifestyle. Luxury is existing in a comfort zone that is great in comfort not just simply comfortable. That means you there is a grandeur to what you surround yourself with.

So being basic is not luxury. Being extravagant and over the top is not luxurious.

Designer brands are considered luxury because of the materials used. The quality is exemplary. The style of how they put things together give you a sense that is not of the normal.

If you want the pleasures in addition to the necessary and the basic things we use daily then that is luxury. Anything that delights you above the normal is what adds the luxury to you life. Whatever it may be.

You can have a simple functional table with four legs and a wood or plastic top or a small one in the corner that will have you sit comfortably dining on your breakfast every morning or a gold frame with a marble top sitting on it of bigger stature that when you sit at it to eat you feel like a king or queen because it makes you so happy.

Sustainable Luxury? Yes. Fenty Beauty proved it product wise. Restoration Hardware proved it furniture wise and so have many others. You can use reclaimed items and recycle to produce simply beautiful items.

So my question is, can take reasonably priced items and create a space of luxury or must luxury be products expensive only?

Is there something such as sustainable luxury?

Luxury is what you do to the space. It’s the clean fresh colors of the walls and furniture. It’s the smell when you walk in that raises your senses to another level. Luxury is the ornate pieces that capture the light and captivate all your senses. Its the natural lighting from the big window that also lets the greenery be visible. Pure pleasure is luxury.

Simply Extravagant is Luxury.

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