Pat Mc Grath Just took us to church AGAIN

Sister Pat has done it again. God has blessed her with this amazing gift of making us beauty/makeup Enthusiasts gag, pass out, revive then bow down.


And the description begins “A six shade love letter to ravishing roses”, and I happily gasp. I am tantalized as usual by you Pat.

Inspiration for this pallette is by the Parc du Malmaison pinks.   This limited edition as mentioned is a range of pinks into peach into golden shades that gives like the name says decadence to the eyes. Look at the picture below and the shades of the Roses and that’s exactly what can be created on your eyes. Or your cheeks. Or your decolletage. Be creative. Do anything.

Parc du Malmaison.

The inspiration for it all.

At first glance I thought it (the pallette) was not real being its casing is made of cardboard but yes the shades and quality does not fail. I’m pulling out the church fan. Yes Pat took us to church yet again with this whole rose decadence collection.

With this pallet you get 12 grams of product and if you check the site now you can get 50% of certain items.

Check the video by Kelsee below for inspiration and vibes. Pure vibes of Pat.

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