HOW TO – Get High?

How High. Real High. That is the focus of this blog.

The way to get a real high is to raise your frequency. I do not know what you were thinking but the way to get a true high in your body is doing exactly this.

Raise your frequency. You may not understand what this is but the video below will help.

You see, sickness, depression, low self esteem, all of those things exist in a low frequency. Once your body goes below a particular frequency and from what I have learnt its below 58MHz, illness invades your body.

There are so many stresses today and the pandemic is a major added stress so I know we all need a high. This takes effort to do so being lazy and opting for smoking, drinking or other means of getting a superficial high is NOT WORTH IT.

Here’s a video by my friend Ralph the Infinite Waters himself sharing all of that GOOD ASS PRANA. Woooo Ralph I typed it and I felt a high come over me. Thanks brother. He teaches exactly step by step what to do and what not to.

I am living life now in the higher zone and I want you to do that too. We were not put here to be guinea pigs and tortured and beaten and fooled because some group of people says so. Lets free our minds and our hearts and lets watch the toxins in our body disappear when we kick the toxins away in our life. Kick its ass to the curb and breathe in the GOOD ASS PRANA.

Much love to you.


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