Products vs Rituals?

So many products, too few rituals?

So many distractions, too little focus.

So many troubles, too little peace.

Let life live or Live your life?

I dont know if you find that you cant keep up with all the products in the cosmetic and beauty industry. And when you think you found one that works another one is released which promises to be better than all those before.

How do you keep up? How do you choose? Who is going to spend all their coin on beauty products especially during this pandemic? There are so many people already months behind on rent, mortgages, educaton bills, food bills, you name it.

Maybe we should have more rituals to get us through the long dreary days or the quick rough ones that punch us around and brutalize us. We need the quality time with ourselves to come back to our-self and get into the next day or week ahead.

Here is my advice. Get to know yourself. Spend time with you and the God who made it all. Live the life you need to, as one with God only.

Do not worry about what people say and let only your thoughts and God’s thoughts toward you be the guide of your journey.

Love Ros.

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