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NYX Professional Makeup LIFT & SNATCH! BROW TINT PEN 

Soon to be released, in a few more days. Can we wait?

There are so many brow sculpting products on the market from almost every brand. From high end to drugstore brands have released a brow product. Two of my personal favorites because I prefer using a brush and pomade is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade – high end and drugstore is definitely LA Colors Brow Pomade.

If you prefer the pencil to draw on and fill up your brows then NYX is releasing a brow pen that you may love. There are 10 shades to be made available ranging from ash blonde to black. They have you covered.

NYX Cosmetics boasats that the pen has a micro tip that is flexible. This will allow you to create thin to thick lines that look realistic. It is smudge proof, transfer resistant and last up to 16 hours.

Now based on these claims I will try it out when it is released and I will let you know how it creates and wears because in these masks we have to make the eyes and frame of our face stand out beautifully.

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