Farewell Eric Jerome Dickey

Your writing will be missed.

Sadly on Jan 3 we lost Mr. Dickey to cancer just one year shy of 60 years old. An African American writer with a contemporary view of black lifestyle and love.

In my younger days, probably when I should not have been reading it, I was enveloped in the erotic and sensual mind of this beloved writer.

This man made me fall in love with reading. His books at that phase transported me to a place that made my love for books grow. His books will always hold a place in my heart.

He published his first book in 1996 and went on to sell over 7 million of his books have been sold worldwide. Books like Cheaters, Sister Sister, Between lovers and friends and many others are still on my shelf to be shared and returned as soon as anyone is done reading.

Some of the novels you should take a peep it especially now you have so much time in quarantine. This is an excellent way to pass the time by.

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