Get Yours in 2021

Hope you are all safe and to all my loves in Texas and other states who have been really going through with the weather and Mr. C you know who, Prayers are going out always for you.

One thing I believe in is believing. Call it manifesting, call it faith, call it whatever you want, it is all the same. I believe in knowing what you want and it happens.

God has shown me so many times in life that if you believe just like He said he will bless you. This is my wish list/must-haves for this year. This is also to encourage you to make a list and know you will be blessed with it because it is what is best for you.

Here’s what I want you to do.

  • Get a book or paper to keep your ideas on.
  • Sit for a while and meditate. Clear your mind of the noise and completely ignore everything that keeps trying to pester you. Breathe deeply on purpose and focus on the breathing. It works.
  • Now your mind is clear you need to think of who you are and what makes you happy. Mentally take note of what makes you happy. Think of things that make you smile and keep that in the front of your mind. These happy thoughts are what will guide you to God and your blessings He has for you. Think of health, wisdom, business ideas, family benefits, finding the right mate, financial blessings for school, for paying off loans, paying for the house you need, etc, etc, etc. Everything we need comes from the source of all things.
  • Remember your path is not the same as anyone else’s so do not look at other people’s patterns or choices before you do this. Just do you. Perfectly, simply, extravagantly you.
  • Thinking of all these things now, make a list of what you believe will make your life happy and great. Think of your life being where it should be. This list is all you need now until they finally happen. Think only on these things. Think happy, think greatness, think positively. There is no space in your mind to accommodate anything else. To help you can also get pics of your choices and keep it where you will always see it.

Guaranteed God will not fail you if you keep your faith in the I AM. I personally, have done this most of my life and proof is me here at this computer saying this to the millions of you reading this.

Here is the link to my must haves for 2021. This is just an inspirational idea of what we are working with and is happening now for us.

Having said this check out my must haves for this year which is already on the way.

Love and Blessings

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