YouTube Stars for March

There are so many Youtubers/Influencers but only a handful of truly great ones.

If you are like us and you love clean, simple, fun, entertainment from women of all colors and different walks of life, this is where to look for beauty, fashion and lifestyle, because these three will never get old. We guarantee our recommendations will have you upgrading yourself spiritually, mentally, and physically.

We will spice up your life sifting through all the brands and products in the industry. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter to get updates on what is released and reviews.

The Chic Maven.

This upcoming YouTuber has a deep passion for luxury that we appreciate. Not the for luxury part alone. She has a wealth of knowledge of what she loves and it shows.

She is a bit timid as a beginner but when she gets excited about the pieces her personality really pops out. Designer is all over every inch of her. The pieces she wears are so elegant she personifies Simply Extravagant.

Classy and Elegant is the truth.

The Chic Maven

A classy luxury outlook with reviews on luxury items.

Kaila Kake

Lately I have been addicted to vloggers who are moving house and getting new home décor and furniture, etc. What attracted her to us is not just her beautiful eyes but clean simple taste. She is witty and entertaining to watch.

I’m watching still to see how her entire apartment turns out and I do know it will be good.

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