YouTube Star of October .21

There are so many Youtubers/Influencers but only a handful of truly great ones.

What makes them great is that their creativity strikes us and pulls our attention in. Their quick growth in followers does not lie about their beauty both inside and out.

If you are like us and you love clean, simple, fun, entertainment from women of all colors and different walks of life, this is where to look for beauty, fashion and lifestyle, because these three will never get old. We guarantee our recommendations will have you upgrading yourself spiritually, mentally, and physically.

We will spice up your life sifting through all the brands and products in the industry. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter to get updates on what is released and reviews.

Amber Scholl

This young woman is simply extravagant. Amber you embody exactly what we at SE believe.

Harvey Nichols US

Amber is truly a sweet, creative and open spirit that will make you smile even when you don’t want to. We stumbled upon her years ago because of her DIY’s. She will create replicas of beautiful things she desires from anything available to her. She also stuck on us because of her story. Her beginning from simply doing something she loves ‘DIY’s” and becoming so famous for it.

She lives her dream so she never has to work a day in her life as far as we see it.

Amber is entertaining to say the least. Her chirpy voice and super bubbly personality is all it takes with her creativity to make the masterpieces she creates and the results show that it definitely works.

Follow her and check her out below.

Amber Scholl

Influencer Extrodinaire

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