Met Zeta & Zoe?

Hanifa, you have done it again. stated recently, “first shoe release features a pair of open-toed heels and over-the-knee boots that are alluring, statement-making, and minimalist all at once.” Yes Vogue.

It brings such joy to see how much this brand has grown over the last 2 to 3 years. They brought those trendy dresses that went from Simple in the front to Extravagant at the back and since then everyone has had the name Hanifa on the tip of their tongue.

This holiday Hanifa has not failed us and has added footwear to the list of products with the first ever shoe line and I cannot wait to get my hands on the sandal / heels. For those like me who live in a warmer climate and can risk having my toes out still I will be rocking the Zeta for the festive season but if I have to travel soon to where it is the slightest of a cooler temperature, I am going to get my hands on Zoe to rep Hanifa.

Fashion has really stepped out of the box and we are loving it. They both have a clean, futuristic sort of Sci-Fi look that is so in right now. Both shoes are made entirely of sheepskin and genuine leather so you have nothing but plush smooth comfort wrapped around your leg or your foot.

Below are some more details on the Zeta for your guiltless purchase.

Colors – PEAR: Zeta in Pear incorporates the beautiful tones of olive and chartreuse in this monochromatic sandal. 

MARSHMALLOW:Zeta in Marshmallow is subtle, flawless and pristine in this monochromatic sandal.

SMOKED PAPRIKA:Zeta in Smoked Paprika is bold with intense color in this monochromatic sandal.

  • Genuine Leather outsole 
  • Sheepskin insole
  • Strap: sheep skin 
  • Heel height: 10cm

Sizes up to a US 12 or a UK 42 and retails for $369.

And Zoe, I can just scream looking at the bone colored boot and just like the Hanifa site says this a boot for the connoisseurs. It is so stunning with the strap over the foot just like and open toe shoe. It is striking to say the least.
Here are more details as stated on

BLACK: Zoe in Black is sophisticated, and powerful. Whether she’s paired with denim or a statement piece, all eyes will be on you.

BONE: Zoe in Bone is elegance personified. Flaunting a cream-colored hue, this boot is sure to be the newest staple in your closet.

  • Heel height:10.5cm
  • Outsole: genuine leather outsole
  • Insole: sheep leather 
  • Toe width: 3.25″
  • Shaft height: 20″
  • Zipper Length: 12″
  • Wide calf friendly 
  • Calf circumference: 15″
  • Opening of the boot circumference: 16″
  • stretch 
  • Toe strap: sheep leather wrapped strap

This boot retails for $659 but ensure you see the size guide for precise fitting. If you can get your hands on it. Zoe is not available and 2 pairs of Zeta remain. Get your hands on them soon.

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