Misunderstood but on a Mission.

I read this piece by my fellow beautiful online blogger Ella Eris who shared her thoughts on being an alpha female.

She took the time and dug deep and cleared her thoughts on this topic. If you are an spiritual or intuitive person naturally you know the second you begin to dig for answers there’s a change coming. This is a topic some women may fear because they are branded too be a B1!@H, or too independent to keep a man, and the long list goes on but we shall ignore the litany right now. If you just read this line and can relate keep reading and go read her thoughts. The link below will take you to her thoughts.


Ella really poured herself into this topic and I will say it touched several bones in my body. Most of what she described was me. Growing up I was taught to be a lady, tone things down, don’t react, be silent to be seen and not heard, yada yada yada. I grew up to be a woman of mixed emotions on many things which I have just learnt to let go of because your journey isn’t mine but that’s a whole other topic which we should also speak about.

I have learnt that I do need to stand firm in my beliefs. I do know I should not be taken advantage of. I do know that if I am taken advantage of I allowed it. I learnt to trust my instinct, my divine voice that cannot ever steer me wrong. I have learnt that everyone has their own journey to live and we can only just teach everyone to live that life true to the great Divine One and themselves. I learnt that standing up for myself in my truest self it the best thing I can ever do for my life journey. I learnt trust, belief or faith and work will take me to the highest peaks mentally and spiritually and it is now showing up in my reality.

Life is beautiful when you live your own truth.

My encouragement and blessing to you is that you listen to that voice talking and do what it says. Not the voice that babbles on in your head when you are over thinking. The clear, precise voice that guides in simple terms. It cannot put you on a wrong path. Be the woman you must to achieve what is yours.

If they call you an alpha claim it.

That’s your blessing. It means you are fearless and you climb the highest heights with precision, effortlessly and guide others there too.

To my fellow Alpha’s. Lets enjoy the air up here. Cheers.

To Ella Eris Beauty

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