YouTube Star of February.22

There are so many Youtubers/Influencers but only a handful of truly great ones.

What makes them great is that their creativity strikes us and pulls our attention in. Their quick growth in followers does not lie about their beauty both inside and out.

If you are like us and you love clean, simple, fun, entertainment from women of all colors and different walks of life, this is where to look for beauty, fashion and lifestyle, because these three will never get old. We guarantee our recommendations will have you upgrading yourself spiritually, mentally, and physically.

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Nazje’ Noir

‘Kindreds’= family.

When someone refers to you as their own you better know they have the best in store for you. Nazje’ is our lil sis that has now her big girl panties on.

She is the CEO of ISEE Vain and NLSAWigs and is also creatively designing graphics and web media. She is now expanding her foundation and studying to make her craft in graphics design even greater so look out for me from her.

When you have a woman this virtuous you know you can trust her. I shall not say more but will let her work speak for herself. Her beauty inside and out and her genuine warm nature will keep you going back to her YouTube channel and if you are in the ATL do contact her for your hair needs.

Nazje’ Noir’s Beauty Page

Boss Babe Forever

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