YouTube Star of May.22

There are so many Youtubers/Influencers but only a handful of truly great ones.

What makes them great is that their creativity strikes us and pulls our attention in. Their quick growth in followers does not lie about their beauty both inside and out.

If you are like us and you love clean, simple, fun, entertainment from women of all colors and different walks of life, this is where to look for beauty, fashion and lifestyle, because these three will never get old. We guarantee our recommendations will have you upgrading yourself spiritually, mentally, and physically.

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Play and enjoy.

Karina waldron

Perfume sales in the year 2021, just last year was at a high of 30.1B yes you are seeing right B for billion and is forecasted to increase by 2028 by another 5%.

What does this mean? Why start with this? Consumers purchasing fragrances is not expected to decline. Not now and not in the near future.

Perfume has a hypnotizing power that obviously is working. It can make you happy, melancholy, bring back memories burred deep in your subconscious mind, make you feel clean and fresh and the list goes on. That’s for another blog.

This blog is about a beauty who has an amazing way of detailing scents and carrying you through the simple experience of a scent that makes you want to go buy all the 300+ bottles she probably owns too.

Karina is a goddess with beauty and witty personality. Goddess because she is a super mom and wife that holds it together; and the other descriptive words go without saying. Just look at her. She has been a YouTuber since 2013 and has over 7million views and counting.

I have bought several scents based on her description and no after hearing her explanation of the scent I feel like I already smelt it, its not a blind buy. So Karina thank you for being a guide and the beautiful person that you are. Keep sharing yourself because you are a joy. Also your vlogs are very welcomed. We look forward to a lot more of you.

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