Who am I? I Am

I am that I am.

I am who I am.

I know whose I am.

Knowing who I am is important to me. I took a few months and read the book “The game of life and how to play it” by Florence Shinn repeatedly. This journey led me down a rabbit hole of discoveries, twists and turns I could never imagine a year ago.

It all began with one question. That question was regarding a burning desire for change. I grew up in a Christian home and had the upbringing in the Lord and knowing the Bible as guidance on how to live. I lived that way most of my life. From a young age of possibly 12, I asked questions that were impressed on my mind from hearing the biblical teachings but never got an answer that felt truth. I journeyed in my more recent years now, learning about other beliefs and delving into material that the average Christian would not and should not get into, (for the strong at heart) but what it did was open up the biblical teachings for me in ways unimaginable. I see God, Allah, Source, Divine, whatever name you choose to use, in ways that bring amazing joy and results in my life and so much to those around me.

Our journey here on earth is an incredible experience. I married a man who is also on this journey. I adopted his children and had a tough start in my marriage life with them. Many days felt hopeless. Mentally I was drained beyond anything I ever felt in my life. I had been through the death of my elders who I took care of and it was easier than this. Being a new mom of children I didn’t bare and marriage to a man whose wife was deceased. Losing my mother at age 14 and feeling alone and being alone for so long. Going through depression and trying to conquer it on my own. Trying to figure out life, men, relationships. Being raped. Not being able to have the things I needed when needed as a young woman. Just deprivation of my own self.

This is a feeling that will suck the life out of you. BUT GOD.

Being lost for so long trains you to continue to be lost. It was a struggle to fight but only I could have fought to save myself. People saw me struggling and tried but when your mind sees something you get stuck in that thing and continue in that thing only. And here I am now many years later seeing the questions I asked pastors at age 12 and 13 being answered directly from Divine Source, Almighty, Creator of all, with just one simple question or request.

Show me YOU.

There is no such thing as coincidence. Life is not perfect which is what makes it this explicit. The ups feel incredible and the downs become weightless if you let go. The more I connect to Divine Source and search and ask for whatever answers I need, the more answers I get and life’s magic blooms in all its glory.

For knowing who I am, I answer to whose I am and I AM.

Only then do I know what to do, how to connect and how to be me.


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