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It is my God given right to be loved, fabulous, happy, relaxed and pampered.

A strong pair of hands on your back, a facial to unclog every pore, a body detox wrap, a pedicure and foot massage, all of these are orgasmic on an achy or tired body. But you should never reach that stage.

Recently, I had been working non stop for months and I went to a spa day with my girlfriends and that was the best thing I could have ever done. I moaned and groaned until every inch of me was rubbed back to perfection. That session was a reminder that I should always take care of me. I left feeling like a totally different person and ready to face the world again. From that day, I make sure, to at least do a little treatment at home like a face mask or a foot massage even.

Now here’s my advice.

GO PAMPER YOURSELF!!! Yes I just screamed it at you. Tough Love Hunty.

Now Go.

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