Met Zeta & Zoe?

Hanifa, you have done it again. stated recently, “first shoe release features a pair of open-toed heels and over-the-knee boots that are alluring, statement-making, and minimalist all at once.” Yes Vogue. It brings such joy to see how much this brand has grown over the last 2 to 3 years. They brought those trendyContinue reading “Met Zeta & Zoe?”

Gisseppe’s or … ?

Is it possible to say this? Giuseppe’s or what? Giuseppe Zanotti creates amazing, strikingly beautiful shoes that will make the most uninterested person very interested. He has made the HATTIE boot that will make you stand out. If you love to stand out then this is for you. It costs only $3290.00 and has handContinue reading “Gisseppe’s or … ?”

Hottt Girl Summer Shoes

Hott girl summer is forever. It will never go away. In the future the new generations we rebrand it so lets wait to see what its called. Now we all may not be able to get the Giuseppe’s so here is another great option to suit 2020’s sick ass summer. Brighten it up and kickContinue reading “Hottt Girl Summer Shoes”

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