Type in the words black owned beauty brand in your search bar and the first 8 options that result aren’t even by black owned companies.

It’s great to know we have some form of presence in the world’s mind but we now have a representative from our line of passion and drive.

Simply Extravagant-HRW is a brand that stands for our ethnicity having a fair representation on the world market for ourselves to share and indulge. We create beauty and we need to coddle in the essence that is us.

From Fenty Beauty to LYS Beauty to Pat McGrath to Uomi and Merak Beauty. Our beauty’s globally have created product lines to suit us and are highly competitive in the global market. Our voice is grand with us first and shared with the others.

We are beauty. We are style. We divinity.

LYS Beauty

Savannah Sylver

Beauty Channel

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