SE’s designer of the month 2.2020

Poofy sleeves are on 100. Who knew. Fendi this last fashion week come out with all shapes sizes and locations of puff sleeves. If you are not a puff sleeve lover of the typical sleeve, trust me there is a variation in the collection you must love. I am not but there are a few sleeves I will be wearing. The nude suede sweater is definitely one piece I love. Actually all 3 pieces above. Take a look at the collection for some joy. All Fashion SE Continue reading SE’s designer of the month 2.2020

Golden Globe Awards Fashion

OK. So Last night’s Golden Globe Awards brought out mostly everyone to the red carpet for the beginning of 2020. I was glued watching the dresses and all the looks up to today. I could not get enough of some of the looks.

Kevyn Aucoin Beauty

As I watched the red carpet some dress had me take a deep breath. Others not so much. But…. eeekkkk the rest had me clutching my pearls and saying mother of Jesus come save her.

Here’s a look at those which stand out, and were simple and Simply Extravagant.

Stay Simply Extravagant


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