Hottt Girl Summer Shoes

Giuseppe Zanotti Mex

Hott girl summer is forever. It will never go away. In the future the new generations we rebrand it so lets wait to see what its called.

Now we all may not be able to get the Giuseppe’s so here is another great option to suit 2020’s sick ass summer. Brighten it up and kick negativity out the way.


Bordeaux Intreccio Sandals

2020 has been mean so growl back at the summer in these “Bordeaux intreccio sandals from Bottega Veneta rendered in leather featuring a double strap silhouette, a thin heel, a padded woven design and an open front. Choose them to imbue your daily edits with sophistication.

Loosing you. Loving Me

It is time to get right with myself and to do that I have to lose you.

It is time to love me truly, deeply, genuinely. I do not mean the physical me only but the inner me that results in everything you get.

I have lost the me that is a result of being bombarded by the entire world. Pandemics, explosions, hatred, racism, rape, mass murders, sex … all of the negativity. The noise of being told what to be and when to be it. I have lost that method of functioning. I have lost responding to a world of confusion. It only makes you numb to who you should be, from your soul purpose.

Lets wake up and stay awake in our spirit. Lets stay on a journey to the end, in touch with the inner us that makes us happy and fulfilled. There is true power in it. There is so much we can do and will do.

I am making me happy.

I am loving me.

I am worshiping the true ONE who cleanses, satisfies and restores. The one who makes all things new and perfect.

I am being blessed, I am prosperity. I am me.

Normal Skin or Fenty Skin?

Skincare is big for me. I wear makeup daily and those of us who do also, we know how much we need the canvas to be well cleaned and well maintained.

What I look for most are the ingredients, what the properties are and the side effects on skin.

With Rihanna’s new line of skincare she ensured to put on some amazing natural products that are rejuvenating, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and antioxidant. One of the highlights that sticks out is the moisturizer that has sunblock that is non toxic to the environment so you can go swimming in the ocean safely. Fenty Skin uses reusable plastic where possible and also is refillable.

What she could do to save the environment is definitely done.

The products sound very promising. July 31st, I’m looking forward to you.

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Designer of the Month – Hanifa

The flavour of Congo.

Breath taking.



Soul pleasure.

The designs speak volumes. You would think you just sat with the ancestors after experiencing these amazing designs. It speaks the strength of Oshun through its simplicity which is what SE stands for.

Her designs have been worn by Lizzo, Kylie Jenner and Ciara. Recently she was featured in Essence magazine and part of Teen Vogue Emerging Designer for NY Fashion week in 2019.

We mostly appreciate that she incorporates items that every one and every size can wear.

Hanifa you are our designer of the month.

Check out the link and let me know what you think of the designs. You have to support this designer.

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Being in quarantine is wonderful for some but for others like myself we have to make staying at home verryyyyy creative.

Take time to do introspection, to refocus and to have a clear standing of your life and where it may be heading. Start each day in a positive mood with God and set a purpose every single day or else you will be consumed by negativity. Plan your time with God. He adds blessings on it that make life amazing despite things around that may affect it.

Most of us really needed this time away from the world. But for some, staying at home has really done a number on us. Hands up if YouTube binging has sped up time of our day.

To the makeup junkies like myself, one type of content has had me hooked. It has even had me doing the same. (Blocks face) Yes. I even did a declutter on my collection. But my collection fades in comparison to these YouTube influencers. Some of the videos leaves me drooling like a dog staring at a juicy steak.

Yes. It definitely is their job to review and produce videos on the products so it is understandable why they have so much. But when you see The Humongous volume of products all together it blows you away.

The first video that got my binge watching started was from Paige Koren. Her collection is so exorbitant there is no way she can review and probably reuse her favorites in 3 months in addition to the new products coming in weekly. PaigeKoren led me to the badura twins and oh my …… madness. Just madness…….

There are videos where YouTubers are selling their products on hand. Why sell what you got for free? But what can I say… it’s yours to do as you please. Some would claim to declutter but let go 1%, barely.

There are those who decluttered over a 3 and 4 day period and a month later are decluttering all over again.

To those who donate to women’s shelters, subscribers, friends, family and other Mua’s power to you. Your blessings will multiply 10 fold. This post is dedicated to you for being so generous and giving of thousands of dollars worth of products and empowering women to be more beautiful everywhere not just from your donation but your content.

Personally I need to say thanks to all beauty influencers for bringing sanity to my crazy days at home. For putting yourself out there and showing your personal space and lifestyle in addition to reviewing products. Your twist on life makes it spicy.

What have you as a makeup junkie been binging on? Drop a comment below.

Remember beauty lasts forever.

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Adored Mother

Dear Mom

This is for all the times I should have given you a hug or sat and had a conversation with you. Or those times I made you really upset by the decisions I made. Hahaha. Like that one time I brought home Nicky. You saw from day one the type of person he was. Or remember that time I decided it was best to purchase those red pair of boots that costed $1800.00. Look what happened the first time I wore it. Broke my ankle and couldn’t walk for days.

Your Mom is a golden Goddess. Since she is stuck at home or maybe still working hard, get her this Ahava 24K Mineral Gold Mud Mask for effortless looking flawless glowing skin.

Guess what I am trying to say here mom is I love you. I appreciate and adore how much you always stick there with me. I have never gotten bad advice. I just needed to be there more and take my time to understand.

Thanks mom. I love you.

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Corona Virus – Coping and Withdraw Advisory for Beauty Lovers

Are you a social butterfly who has been looking forward to the break of spring to switch up your wardrobe? You are stuck indoors because your job has you working from home? Are you one of those who has been looking forward to putting together a narrative piece that just proclaims your feelings through Fendi, Oscar or Chanel dripppp… Well guess what?

We can NOTTT afford to get sick or our loved ones sick so we have no choice but to enjoy our beauty all by our selves. We cannot be put on a list to be chosen who gets what medical attention and who dies (If you have a loved one with underlying issues that is) . People have been taking this too lightly and the situation is getting worse than it should ever be because some of us out here dont care.

  1. WASH YO DAMN HANDS... Constantly. Whenever you have to go out to do something, you touch something, anything. Just wash your hands for at least 20 seconds just in case you picked up the virus it will go down the drain instead of you nose or mouth.
  2. Use sanitizer and rub minimum 20 seconds if you cannot wash your hands.
  3. Stop fighting for poop paper when you go to restock. People this is shameful. There’s enough for everyone if we just share. I mean look at this crap. Its not a cure to COVID19. Share love and positivity instead of being selfish. This is the time we need to be the loving people we should be. To those out there caring for others and helping out, much love to you. Thank you and keep sharing. You are incredibly blessed so keep blessing.
  4. Beautify Yourself. Distract yourself. Use social media more frequently. Now you have more time than ever to finally use that eye shadow palette from #saweetie that you got from Sephora and haven’t touched. Oh and that blush too and that blinding highlight from #JeffreeStar Cosmetics you ordered and finally the #colorpop lippies. And you know the list goes on and on.
  5. Meditate and Pray. You are finally in your own space where you can freely relax to cleanse and calm you spirit. You have been going and going for ages and don’t know how to stop. You have no choice now. Get to know yourself and enjoy being you. Spend time just enjoying each moment, family, loved ones. This is the time to regain your sanity not lose it fighting for tp. lol I had to bring it back up. Im petty.
  6. Love you again. Exercise, Stretch and love the body you are in. Assist your body in fighting any ailment by getting some sunlight and extra oxygen in. Just do it at home or if you go out keep 6 feet away from everyone.
  7. Build your immune system. Take your vitamins, eat your garlic and ginger and onions, etc. Fresh fruits and veges are a must. If your immune system is low you cannot fight this virus as you need to. IT will keep attacking you.
  8. Last and most of all stay happy. Negativity is the route of all sickness. Chase the devil and smile. Laugh and be merry. Doll up with your favorite outfit, do your hair and makeup, make a salad, take some selfies, be silly, post on social media and let us smile at your antics too.

Check out this page for more ideas on being fabulous at home in your closet. Monroe Steele is quirky and fabulous. Check out her channel for fun pieces to pick up your spirit. Love her.

Be safe guys. Cheers to health.

Love Ros.

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Kendo - Kat Von D

New from Pat McGrath Labs

Mother oh mother. You have done it again.

The queen mother of makeup has released new products that add to the flawless skin looks. Natural glowing flawless skin is here and in full effect.

Mother Pat has now released Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Concealer in 36 shades. The technology behind this says that like the foundation “the Concealer is crafted with a Vita-Serum Complex designed to help fight the formation of wrinkles by preserving the hydrolipidic film barrier of the skin.”

Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Under Eye Blurring Powder in 3 shades but in Mother’s exact words and I quote “Each Under-Eye Powder shade is uniquely calibrated to correspond to the Concealer’s 36 colour-true hues and the System’s five shade families“.

Andddddd lastly in today’s blog. Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection concealer brush. Ahhhhhhh. Ok back to life. “Its unique angled shape was specifically designed to mimic Mother’s signature fingertip technique.”

If you are truly a makeup Enthusiast you would have this already or have it on the way to you. Makeup is joy. Makeup is beautiful. Makeup is peace to all mankind. Get some in your life today. Lol.

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SE’s designer of the month 2.2020

Poofy sleeves are on 100. Who knew.

Fendi this last fashion week come out with all shapes sizes and locations of puff sleeves.

If you are not a puff sleeve lover of the typical sleeve, trust me there is a variation in the collection you must love. I am not but there are a few sleeves I will be wearing.

The nude suede sweater is definitely one piece I love. Actually all 3 pieces above.

Take a look at the collection for some joy.

All Fashion SE

To Vanessa Laine Bryant. With all my love.

Losing someone dear to you is one of the hardest things to cope with and there are several families dealing with this now.

Not only Kobe’s family is grieving but those other families who lost their loved ones, as well as the whole world.

As a mother and a wife I cannot imagine what Vanessa is going through at this time. Those who have experienced tragedy have an idea of what is happening. We have an idea but we all have different experiences on this earthly plane. Lets all share love with all the families and loved ones in pain. We all walk our own journey and should help, encourage and give love along the way to others who are in need. We are only here for a short moment so let’s make it as good as possible until we move on to what’s next.

I am writing this in love to you Vanessa Laine Bryant. Your children who didn’t get much time with their father. And to the families of John, Keri and Alyssa Altobelli, Sarah and Payton Chester, Christina Mauser and Ara Zobayan who left this earth yesterday.

Vanessa, some how God will get you all through this. You cannot imagine how right now but you will. I share my love with you from the Infinite One. His love is perfect and all will work out someday, somehow.

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