Who am I? I Am

Find you and you find the best in life. Know who you are. Find out who you are. Then be who you are to be.

Swelteringgg Summer Skin

Who wants amazing glowing skin this summer? You! We have seen that the girls are already beginning to struggle with the change in temperature, the clogged pores the buildup of dead skin and it is causing you all some problems. To combat and win the battle against skin issues here are some definite weapons thatContinue reading “Swelteringgg Summer Skin”

Misunderstood but on a Mission.

I read this piece by my fellow beautiful online blogger Ella Eris who shared her thoughts on being an alpha female. She took the time and dug deep and cleared her thoughts on this topic. If you are an spiritual or intuitive person naturally you know the second you begin to dig for answers there’sContinue reading “Misunderstood but on a Mission.”

♡ SBS x Monroe Steele♡

This is love to the max for these ladies. Monroe and Sonjia, have together created and released a line perfect for sweater weather. It is so comfy and cozy yet edgy and sexy. Wanderlust Here are my two pics for the line. One is sexy and flirty but still comfrotable because of the fabric used.Continue reading “♡ SBS x Monroe Steele♡”

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