YouTube Star of August

This is dedicated to youtubers who fall within the SE Brand selection of style.


Professional Makeup Looking amazing on a budget is very easy now. We get great quality more often now for lower prices and its just as good as the big name brands we pay for. NYX gives you that perfectly. NYX is a subsidary of L’Oreal and they have the moving power that can drive theContinue reading “NYX”

STOP Shaving…NOW. Kenzzi instead

Get that shaver out of your hand. What were you thinking? Aren’t you tired of razor bumps, ingrown hairs, cuts, scrapes, bruises and everything else added up and in between? I was so I gave up, used to go to the spa for waxes very often but I upped by game to laser hair removalContinue reading “STOP Shaving…NOW. Kenzzi instead”

Pat Mc Grath Just took us to church AGAIN

Sister Pat has done it again. God has blessed her with this amazing gift of making us beauty/makeup Enthusiasts gag, pass out, revive then bow down. And the description begins “A six shade love letter to ravishing roses”, and I happily gasp. I am tantalized as usual by you Pat. Inspiration for this pallette isContinue reading “Pat Mc Grath Just took us to church AGAIN”

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