Too Faced is 2 Faced

It is on my agenda to get the other face of Too Faced, Born This Way Matte Foundation in my hands. Born This Way now has a MATTE foundation!!! Thank you makeup God because I am an oily-ish girl and in need of everything matte and longwear. If you are like me you get it.Continue reading “Too Faced is 2 Faced”

I’ve been in the house. Where you been?

Your skin looks like a goddess’. Your face is so unimaginably flawless that you can head out with no makeup but you choose not to so you add a little and guess what? Your makeup is freaking amazing. All this just makes them wonder. Where the hell have you been for all those weeks??? OleHenriksenContinue reading “I’ve been in the house. Where you been?”

Normal Skin or Fenty Skin?

Skincare is big for me. I wear makeup daily and those of us who do also, we know how much we need the canvas to be well cleaned and well maintained. What I look for most are the ingredients, what the properties are and the side effects on skin. With Rihanna’s new line of skincareContinue reading “Normal Skin or Fenty Skin?”


Being in quarantine is wonderful for some but for others like myself we have to make staying at home verryyyyy creative. Take time to do introspection, to refocus and to have a clear standing of your life and where it may be heading. Start each day in a positive mood with God and set aContinue reading “Declutter…morrrrre”

Corona Virus – Coping and Withdraw Advisory for Beauty Lovers

Are you a social butterfly who has been looking forward to the break of spring to switch up your wardrobe? You are stuck indoors because your job has you working from home? Are you one of those who has been looking forward to putting together a narrative piece that just proclaims your feelings through Fendi,Continue reading “Corona Virus – Coping and Withdraw Advisory for Beauty Lovers”

New from Pat McGrath Labs

Mother oh mother. You have done it again. The queen mother of makeup has released new products that add to the flawless skin looks. Natural glowing flawless skin is here and in full effect. Mother Pat has now released Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Concealer in 36 shades. The technology behind this says that like theContinue reading “New from Pat McGrath Labs”

walk down the isle with mrs. west

Its June. The air is warming up and all brides are about to walk down the isles fierce, flawless and fabulous into their new roles as Mrs so and so… On a brides wedding day she wants to look like a glowing goddess far above everyone in the world and feel like a queen. TheContinue reading “walk down the isle with mrs. west”

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