Birkinstock from Destroyed Birkins

Let me get your thoughts going on this. Birkinstock is now making shoes from destroyed Birkin bags from Hermes. Yes you are seeing right. Those precious, expensive bags that everyone desires who doesn’t and those who have want more. Birkin as you know is a bag produced for the “elite” and is normally sold toContinue reading “Birkinstock from Destroyed Birkins”

Designer of the month 8.2020

Think glamorous. Think sexy. Think celebrity status and this name must come up. LaQuan Smith. The one and only extraordinary and Extravagant. He is a New Yorker at heart who had the basics instilled in him by his grandmother which lends to his work being as he describes it, distinctive and detailed. Snaps to ourContinue reading “Designer of the month 8.2020”

Corona Virus – Coping and Withdraw Advisory for Beauty Lovers

Are you a social butterfly who has been looking forward to the break of spring to switch up your wardrobe? You are stuck indoors because your job has you working from home? Are you one of those who has been looking forward to putting together a narrative piece that just proclaims your feelings through Fendi,Continue reading “Corona Virus – Coping and Withdraw Advisory for Beauty Lovers”

SE’s designer of the month 2.2020

Poofy sleeves are on 100. Who knew. Fendi this last fashion week come out with all shapes sizes and locations of puff sleeves. If you are not a puff sleeve lover of the typical sleeve, trust me there is a variation in the collection you must love. I am not but there are a fewContinue reading “SE’s designer of the month 2.2020”

SE’s designer of the month. 01 . 2020

Spring/Summer 2020 pre-collection – Alexander Mc Queen The pieces by far are the definition of being Simply Extravagant. Bold, Sassy & Clean are some ways to describe the pieces from Alexander Mc Queen. Some of the dresses look like fluuf, foof and Le Boof on arms, shoulders and hips but it will have you turnContinue reading “SE’s designer of the month. 01 . 2020”